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# gst-msdk
gst-msdk is a plugin for
[Intel Media SDK](, a
cross-platform API for developing media applications. The plugin has
multiple elements for video hardware encoding leveraging latest Intel
processors through Intel Media SDK.
- MPEG2 encoding (*msdkmpeg2enc*)
- H.264 encoding (*msdkh264enc*)
- H.265 encoding (*msdkh265enc*)
- VP8 encoding (*msdkvp8enc*)
It requires:
- Intel Media SDK
# Giving it a try
Encoding a simple video test source and saving it to a file.
$ gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! msdkh264enc ! filesink location=test.h264
# License
gst-mdk is freely available for download under the terms of the
[BSD-3-Clause License](