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* Copyright (C) 2012, Collabora Ltd.
* Author: Sebastian Dröge <>
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation
* version 2.1 of the License.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef __GST_AMC_H__
#define __GST_AMC_H__
#include <gst/gst.h>
#include <gst/video/video.h>
#include <gst/audio/audio.h>
#include <jni.h>
typedef struct _GstAmcCodecInfo GstAmcCodecInfo;
typedef struct _GstAmcCodecType GstAmcCodecType;
typedef struct _GstAmcCodec GstAmcCodec;
typedef struct _GstAmcBufferInfo GstAmcBufferInfo;
typedef struct _GstAmcFormat GstAmcFormat;
typedef struct _GstAmcBuffer GstAmcBuffer;
typedef struct _GstAmcColorFormatInfo GstAmcColorFormatInfo;
struct _GstAmcCodecType {
gchar *mime;
gint *color_formats;
gint n_color_formats;
struct {
gint profile;
gint level;
} *profile_levels;
gint n_profile_levels;
struct _GstAmcCodecInfo {
gchar *name;
gboolean is_encoder;
GstAmcCodecType *supported_types;
gint n_supported_types;
struct _GstAmcBuffer {
jobject object; /* global reference */
guint8 *data;
gsize size;
struct _GstAmcFormat {
/* < private > */
jobject object; /* global reference */
struct _GstAmcCodec {
/* < private > */
jobject object; /* global reference */
struct _GstAmcBufferInfo {
gint flags;
gint offset;
gint64 presentation_time_us;
gint size;
extern GQuark gst_amc_codec_info_quark;
GstAmcCodec * gst_amc_codec_new (const gchar *name, GError **err);
void gst_amc_codec_free (GstAmcCodec * codec);
gboolean gst_amc_codec_configure (GstAmcCodec * codec, GstAmcFormat * format, gint flags, GError **err);
GstAmcFormat * gst_amc_codec_get_output_format (GstAmcCodec * codec, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_codec_start (GstAmcCodec * codec, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_codec_stop (GstAmcCodec * codec, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_codec_flush (GstAmcCodec * codec, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_codec_release (GstAmcCodec * codec, GError **err);
GstAmcBuffer * gst_amc_codec_get_output_buffers (GstAmcCodec * codec, gsize * n_buffers, GError **err);
GstAmcBuffer * gst_amc_codec_get_input_buffers (GstAmcCodec * codec, gsize * n_buffers, GError **err);
void gst_amc_codec_free_buffers (GstAmcBuffer * buffers, gsize n_buffers);
gint gst_amc_codec_dequeue_input_buffer (GstAmcCodec * codec, gint64 timeoutUs, GError **err);
gint gst_amc_codec_dequeue_output_buffer (GstAmcCodec * codec, GstAmcBufferInfo *info, gint64 timeoutUs, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_codec_queue_input_buffer (GstAmcCodec * codec, gint index, const GstAmcBufferInfo *info, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_codec_release_output_buffer (GstAmcCodec * codec, gint index, GError **err);
GstAmcFormat * gst_amc_format_new_audio (const gchar *mime, gint sample_rate, gint channels, GError **err);
GstAmcFormat * gst_amc_format_new_video (const gchar *mime, gint width, gint height, GError **err);
void gst_amc_format_free (GstAmcFormat * format);
gchar * gst_amc_format_to_string (GstAmcFormat * format, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_format_contains_key (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_format_get_float (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, gfloat *value, GError **err);
void gst_amc_format_set_float (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, gfloat value, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_format_get_int (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, gint *value, GError **err);
void gst_amc_format_set_int (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, gint value, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_format_get_string (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, gchar **value, GError **err);
void gst_amc_format_set_string (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, const gchar *value, GError **err);
gboolean gst_amc_format_get_buffer (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, guint8 **data, gsize *size, GError **err);
void gst_amc_format_set_buffer (GstAmcFormat *format, const gchar *key, guint8 *data, gsize size, GError **err);
GstVideoFormat gst_amc_color_format_to_video_format (const GstAmcCodecInfo * codec_info, const gchar * mime, gint color_format);
gint gst_amc_video_format_to_color_format (const GstAmcCodecInfo * codec_info, const gchar * mime, GstVideoFormat video_format);
struct _GstAmcColorFormatInfo {
gint color_format;
gint width, height, stride, slice_height;
gint crop_left, crop_right;
gint crop_top, crop_bottom;
gint frame_size;
gboolean gst_amc_color_format_info_set (GstAmcColorFormatInfo * color_format_info,
const GstAmcCodecInfo * codec_info, const gchar * mime,
gint color_format, gint width, gint height, gint stride, gint slice_height,
gint crop_left, gint crop_right, gint crop_top, gint crop_bottom);
typedef enum
} GstAmcColorFormatCopyDirection;
gboolean gst_amc_color_format_copy (
GstAmcColorFormatInfo * cinfo, GstAmcBuffer * cbuffer, const GstAmcBufferInfo * cbuffer_info,
GstVideoInfo * vinfo, GstBuffer * vbuffer, GstAmcColorFormatCopyDirection direction);
const gchar * gst_amc_avc_profile_to_string (gint profile, const gchar **alternative);
gint gst_amc_avc_profile_from_string (const gchar *profile);
const gchar * gst_amc_avc_level_to_string (gint level);
gint gst_amc_avc_level_from_string (const gchar *level);
gint gst_amc_h263_profile_to_gst_id (gint profile);
gint gst_amc_h263_profile_from_gst_id (gint profile);
gint gst_amc_h263_level_to_gst_id (gint level);
gint gst_amc_h263_level_from_gst_id (gint level);
const gchar * gst_amc_mpeg4_profile_to_string (gint profile);
gint gst_amc_avc_mpeg4_profile_from_string (const gchar *profile);
const gchar * gst_amc_mpeg4_level_to_string (gint level);
gint gst_amc_mpeg4_level_from_string (const gchar *level);
const gchar * gst_amc_aac_profile_to_string (gint profile);
gint gst_amc_aac_profile_from_string (const gchar *profile);
gboolean gst_amc_audio_channel_mask_to_positions (guint32 channel_mask, gint channels, GstAudioChannelPosition *pos);
guint32 gst_amc_audio_channel_mask_from_positions (GstAudioChannelPosition *positions, gint channels);
void gst_amc_codec_info_to_caps (const GstAmcCodecInfo * codec_info, GstCaps **sink_caps, GstCaps **src_caps);
gchar *__dbg = g_strdup (err->message); \
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (el, "error: %s", __dbg); \
gst_element_message_full (GST_ELEMENT(el), GST_MESSAGE_ERROR, \
err->domain, err->code, \
NULL, __dbg, __FILE__, GST_FUNCTION, __LINE__); \
g_clear_error (&err); \
gchar *__dbg = g_strdup (err->message); \
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (el, "error: %s", __dbg); \
gst_element_message_full (GST_ELEMENT(el), GST_MESSAGE_WARNING, \
err->domain, err->code, \
NULL, __dbg, __FILE__, GST_FUNCTION, __LINE__); \
g_clear_error (&err); \
#endif /* __GST_AMC_H__ */