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#ifndef __GST_DVBSRC_H__
#define __GST_DVBSRC_H__
#include <gst/gst.h>
#include <gst/base/gstpushsrc.h>
typedef enum
} GstDvbSrcPol;
#define IPACKS 2048
#define TS_SIZE 188
#define IN_SIZE TS_SIZE*10
#define MAX_FILTERS 32
#define GST_DVBSRC(obj) \
#define GST_DVBSRC_CLASS(klass) \
#define GST_IS_DVBSRC(obj) \
#define GST_IS_DVBSRC_CLASS(klass) \
typedef struct _GstDvbSrc GstDvbSrc;
typedef struct _GstDvbSrcClass GstDvbSrcClass;
typedef struct _GstDvbSrcParam GstDvbSrcParam;
struct _GstDvbSrc
GstPushSrc element;
GstPad *srcpad;
GMutex tune_mutex;
gboolean need_tune;
int adapter_type;
int adapter_number; /* the device directory with the sub-devices */
int frontend_number;
int fd_frontend;
int fd_dvr;
int fd_filters[MAX_FILTERS];
GstPoll *poll;
GstPollFD poll_fd_dvr;
guint16 pids[MAX_FILTERS];
unsigned int freq;
unsigned int sym_rate;
int tone;
int diseqc_src;
gboolean send_diseqc;
int bandwidth;
int code_rate_hp;
int code_rate_lp;
int modulation;
int guard_interval;
int transmission_mode;
int hierarchy_information;
int inversion;
guint64 timeout;
GstDvbSrcPol pol;
guint stats_interval;
guint stats_counter;
gboolean need_unlock;
guint dvb_buffer_size;
struct _GstDvbSrcClass
GstPushSrcClass parent_class;
void (*adapter_type) (GstElement * element, gint type);
void (*signal_quality) (GstElement * element, gint strength, gint snr);
GType gst_dvbsrc_get_type (void);
gboolean gst_dvbsrc_plugin_init (GstPlugin * plugin);
#endif /* __GST_DVBSRC_H__ */