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* Copyright (c) 2005-2014 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
* Copyright (c) 2014- QLogic Corporation.
* All rights reserved
* Linux driver for QLogic BR-series Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
#ifndef __BFA_PORT_H__
#define __BFA_PORT_H__
#include "bfa_defs_svc.h"
#include "bfa_ioc.h"
#include "bfa_cs.h"
typedef void (*bfa_port_stats_cbfn_t) (void *dev, bfa_status_t status);
typedef void (*bfa_port_endis_cbfn_t) (void *dev, bfa_status_t status);
struct bfa_port_s {
void *dev;
struct bfa_ioc_s *ioc;
struct bfa_trc_mod_s *trcmod;
u32 msgtag;
bfa_boolean_t stats_busy;
struct bfa_mbox_cmd_s stats_mb;
bfa_port_stats_cbfn_t stats_cbfn;
void *stats_cbarg;
bfa_status_t stats_status;
time64_t stats_reset_time;
union bfa_port_stats_u *stats;
struct bfa_dma_s stats_dma;
bfa_boolean_t endis_pending;
struct bfa_mbox_cmd_s endis_mb;
bfa_port_endis_cbfn_t endis_cbfn;
void *endis_cbarg;
bfa_status_t endis_status;
struct bfa_ioc_notify_s ioc_notify;
bfa_boolean_t pbc_disabled;
bfa_boolean_t dport_enabled;
struct bfa_mem_dma_s port_dma;
#define BFA_MEM_PORT_DMA(__bfa) (&((__bfa)->modules.port.port_dma))
void bfa_port_attach(struct bfa_port_s *port, struct bfa_ioc_s *ioc,
void *dev, struct bfa_trc_mod_s *trcmod);
void bfa_port_notify(void *arg, enum bfa_ioc_event_e event);
bfa_status_t bfa_port_get_stats(struct bfa_port_s *port,
union bfa_port_stats_u *stats,
bfa_port_stats_cbfn_t cbfn, void *cbarg);
bfa_status_t bfa_port_clear_stats(struct bfa_port_s *port,
bfa_port_stats_cbfn_t cbfn, void *cbarg);
bfa_status_t bfa_port_enable(struct bfa_port_s *port,
bfa_port_endis_cbfn_t cbfn, void *cbarg);
bfa_status_t bfa_port_disable(struct bfa_port_s *port,
bfa_port_endis_cbfn_t cbfn, void *cbarg);
u32 bfa_port_meminfo(void);
void bfa_port_mem_claim(struct bfa_port_s *port,
u8 *dma_kva, u64 dma_pa);
void bfa_port_set_dportenabled(struct bfa_port_s *port,
bfa_boolean_t enabled);
* CEE declaration
typedef void (*bfa_cee_get_attr_cbfn_t) (void *dev, bfa_status_t status);
typedef void (*bfa_cee_get_stats_cbfn_t) (void *dev, bfa_status_t status);
typedef void (*bfa_cee_reset_stats_cbfn_t) (void *dev, bfa_status_t status);
struct bfa_cee_cbfn_s {
bfa_cee_get_attr_cbfn_t get_attr_cbfn;
void *get_attr_cbarg;
bfa_cee_get_stats_cbfn_t get_stats_cbfn;
void *get_stats_cbarg;
bfa_cee_reset_stats_cbfn_t reset_stats_cbfn;
void *reset_stats_cbarg;
struct bfa_cee_s {
void *dev;
bfa_boolean_t get_attr_pending;
bfa_boolean_t get_stats_pending;
bfa_boolean_t reset_stats_pending;
bfa_status_t get_attr_status;
bfa_status_t get_stats_status;
bfa_status_t reset_stats_status;
struct bfa_cee_cbfn_s cbfn;
struct bfa_ioc_notify_s ioc_notify;
struct bfa_trc_mod_s *trcmod;
struct bfa_cee_attr_s *attr;
struct bfa_cee_stats_s *stats;
struct bfa_dma_s attr_dma;
struct bfa_dma_s stats_dma;
struct bfa_ioc_s *ioc;
struct bfa_mbox_cmd_s get_cfg_mb;
struct bfa_mbox_cmd_s get_stats_mb;
struct bfa_mbox_cmd_s reset_stats_mb;
struct bfa_mem_dma_s cee_dma;
#define BFA_MEM_CEE_DMA(__bfa) (&((__bfa)->modules.cee.cee_dma))
u32 bfa_cee_meminfo(void);
void bfa_cee_mem_claim(struct bfa_cee_s *cee, u8 *dma_kva, u64 dma_pa);
void bfa_cee_attach(struct bfa_cee_s *cee,
struct bfa_ioc_s *ioc, void *dev);
bfa_status_t bfa_cee_get_attr(struct bfa_cee_s *cee,
struct bfa_cee_attr_s *attr,
bfa_cee_get_attr_cbfn_t cbfn, void *cbarg);
bfa_status_t bfa_cee_get_stats(struct bfa_cee_s *cee,
struct bfa_cee_stats_s *stats,
bfa_cee_get_stats_cbfn_t cbfn, void *cbarg);
bfa_status_t bfa_cee_reset_stats(struct bfa_cee_s *cee,
bfa_cee_reset_stats_cbfn_t cbfn, void *cbarg);
#endif /* __BFA_PORT_H__ */