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* This file is part of the Emulex Linux Device Driver for *
* Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters. *
* Copyright (C) 2017-2018 Broadcom. All Rights Reserved. The term *
* “Broadcom” refers to Broadcom Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. *
* Copyright (C) 2004-2013 Emulex. All rights reserved. *
* EMULEX and SLI are trademarks of Emulex. *
* *
* *
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or *
* modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General *
* Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. *
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful. *
* TO BE LEGALLY INVALID. See the GNU General Public License for *
* more details, a copy of which can be found in the file COPYING *
* included with this package. *
#define FC_MAX_HOLD_RSCN 32 /* max number of deferred RSCNs */
#define FC_MAX_NS_RSP 64512 /* max size NameServer rsp */
#define FC_MAXLOOP 126 /* max devices supported on a fc loop */
#define LPFC_DISC_FLOGI_TMO 10 /* Discovery FLOGI ratov */
/* This is the protocol dependent definition for a Node List Entry.
* This is used by Fibre Channel protocol to support FCP.
/* worker thread events */
enum lpfc_work_type {
/* structure used to queue event to the discovery tasklet */
struct lpfc_work_evt {
struct list_head evt_listp;
void *evt_arg1;
void *evt_arg2;
enum lpfc_work_type evt;
struct lpfc_scsi_check_condition_event;
struct lpfc_scsi_varqueuedepth_event;
struct lpfc_scsi_event_header;
struct lpfc_fabric_event_header;
struct lpfc_fcprdchkerr_event;
/* structure used for sending events from fast path */
struct lpfc_fast_path_event {
struct lpfc_work_evt work_evt;
struct lpfc_vport *vport;
union {
struct lpfc_scsi_check_condition_event check_cond_evt;
struct lpfc_scsi_varqueuedepth_event queue_depth_evt;
struct lpfc_scsi_event_header scsi_evt;
struct lpfc_fabric_event_header fabric_evt;
struct lpfc_fcprdchkerr_event read_check_error;
} un;
#define LPFC_SLI4_MAX_XRI 1024 /* Used to make the ndlp's xri_bitmap */
struct lpfc_node_rrqs {
unsigned long xri_bitmap[XRI_BITMAP_ULONGS];
struct lpfc_nodelist {
struct list_head nlp_listp;
struct lpfc_name nlp_portname;
struct lpfc_name nlp_nodename;
uint32_t nlp_flag; /* entry flags */
uint32_t nlp_DID; /* FC D_ID of entry */
uint32_t nlp_last_elscmd; /* Last ELS cmd sent */
uint16_t nlp_type;
#define NLP_FC_NODE 0x1 /* entry is an FC node */
#define NLP_FABRIC 0x4 /* entry rep a Fabric entity */
#define NLP_FCP_TARGET 0x8 /* entry is an FCP target */
#define NLP_FCP_INITIATOR 0x10 /* entry is an FCP Initiator */
#define NLP_NVME_TARGET 0x20 /* entry is a NVME Target */
#define NLP_NVME_INITIATOR 0x40 /* entry is a NVME Initiator */
#define NLP_NVME_DISCOVERY 0x80 /* entry has NVME disc srvc */
uint16_t nlp_fc4_type; /* FC types node supports. */
/* Assigned from GID_FF, only
* FCP (0x8) and NVME (0x28)
* supported.
#define NLP_FC4_NONE 0x0
#define NLP_FC4_FCP 0x1 /* FC4 Type FCP (value x8)) */
#define NLP_FC4_NVME 0x2 /* FC4 TYPE NVME (value x28) */
uint16_t nlp_rpi;
uint16_t nlp_state; /* state transition indicator */
uint16_t nlp_prev_state; /* state transition indicator */
uint16_t nlp_xri; /* output exchange id for RPI */
uint16_t nlp_sid; /* scsi id */
#define NLP_NO_SID 0xffff
uint16_t nlp_maxframe; /* Max RCV frame size */
uint8_t nlp_class_sup; /* Supported Classes */
uint8_t nlp_retry; /* used for ELS retries */
uint8_t nlp_fcp_info; /* class info, bits 0-3 */
#define NLP_FCP_2_DEVICE 0x10 /* FCP-2 device */
uint16_t nlp_usg_map; /* ndlp management usage bitmap */
#define NLP_USG_NODE_ACT_BIT 0x1 /* Indicate ndlp is actively used */
#define NLP_USG_IACT_REQ_BIT 0x2 /* Request to inactivate ndlp */
#define NLP_USG_FREE_REQ_BIT 0x4 /* Request to invoke ndlp memory free */
#define NLP_USG_FREE_ACK_BIT 0x8 /* Indicate ndlp memory free invoked */
struct timer_list nlp_delayfunc; /* Used for delayed ELS cmds */
struct lpfc_hba *phba;
struct fc_rport *rport; /* scsi_transport_fc port structure */
struct lpfc_nvme_rport *nrport; /* nvme transport rport struct. */
struct lpfc_vport *vport;
struct lpfc_work_evt els_retry_evt;
struct lpfc_work_evt dev_loss_evt;
struct kref kref;
atomic_t cmd_pending;
uint32_t cmd_qdepth;
unsigned long last_change_time;
unsigned long *active_rrqs_xri_bitmap;
struct lpfc_scsicmd_bkt *lat_data; /* Latency data */
uint32_t fc4_prli_sent;
uint32_t upcall_flags;
#define NLP_WAIT_FOR_UNREG 0x1
uint32_t nvme_fb_size; /* NVME target's supported byte cnt */
#define NVME_FB_BIT_SHIFT 9 /* PRLI Rsp first burst in 512B units. */
struct lpfc_node_rrq {
struct list_head list;
uint16_t xritag;
uint16_t send_rrq;
uint16_t rxid;
uint32_t nlp_DID; /* FC D_ID of entry */
struct lpfc_vport *vport;
struct lpfc_nodelist *ndlp;
unsigned long rrq_stop_time;
#define lpfc_ndlp_check_qdepth(phba, ndlp) \
(ndlp->cmd_qdepth < phba->sli4_hba.max_cfg_param.max_xri)
/* Defines for nlp_flag (uint32) */
#define NLP_IGNR_REG_CMPL 0x00000001 /* Rcvd rscn before we cmpl reg login */
#define NLP_REG_LOGIN_SEND 0x00000002 /* sent reglogin to adapter */
#define NLP_SUPPRESS_RSP 0x00000010 /* Remote NPort supports suppress rsp */
#define NLP_PLOGI_SND 0x00000020 /* sent PLOGI request for this entry */
#define NLP_PRLI_SND 0x00000040 /* sent PRLI request for this entry */
#define NLP_ADISC_SND 0x00000080 /* sent ADISC request for this entry */
#define NLP_LOGO_SND 0x00000100 /* sent LOGO request for this entry */
#define NLP_RNID_SND 0x00000400 /* sent RNID request for this entry */
#define NLP_ELS_SND_MASK 0x000007e0 /* sent ELS request for this entry */
#define NLP_NVMET_RECOV 0x00001000 /* NVMET auditing node for recovery. */
#define NLP_FCP_PRLI_RJT 0x00002000 /* Rport does not support FCP PRLI. */
#define NLP_DEFER_RM 0x00010000 /* Remove this ndlp if no longer used */
#define NLP_DELAY_TMO 0x00020000 /* delay timeout is running for node */
#define NLP_NPR_2B_DISC 0x00040000 /* node is included in num_disc_nodes */
#define NLP_RCV_PLOGI 0x00080000 /* Rcv'ed PLOGI from remote system */
#define NLP_LOGO_ACC 0x00100000 /* Process LOGO after ACC completes */
#define NLP_TGT_NO_SCSIID 0x00200000 /* good PRLI but no binding for scsid */
#define NLP_ISSUE_LOGO 0x00400000 /* waiting to issue a LOGO */
#define NLP_IN_DEV_LOSS 0x00800000 /* devloss in progress */
#define NLP_ACC_REGLOGIN 0x01000000 /* Issue Reg Login after successful
ACC */
#define NLP_NPR_ADISC 0x02000000 /* Issue ADISC when dq'ed from
NPR list */
#define NLP_RM_DFLT_RPI 0x04000000 /* need to remove leftover dflt RPI */
#define NLP_NODEV_REMOVE 0x08000000 /* Defer removal till discovery ends */
#define NLP_TARGET_REMOVE 0x10000000 /* Target remove in process */
#define NLP_SC_REQ 0x20000000 /* Target requires authentication */
#define NLP_FIRSTBURST 0x40000000 /* Target supports FirstBurst */
#define NLP_RPI_REGISTERED 0x80000000 /* nlp_rpi is valid */
/* ndlp usage management macros */
#define NLP_CHK_NODE_ACT(ndlp) (((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
&& \
!((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_SET_NODE_ACT(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_INT_NODE_ACT(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_CLR_NODE_ACT(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_CHK_IACT_REQ(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_SET_IACT_REQ(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_CHK_FREE_REQ(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_SET_FREE_REQ(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_CHK_FREE_ACK(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
#define NLP_SET_FREE_ACK(ndlp) ((ndlp)->nlp_usg_map \
/* There are 4 different double linked lists nodelist entries can reside on.
* The Port Login (PLOGI) list and Address Discovery (ADISC) list are used
* when Link Up discovery or Registered State Change Notification (RSCN)
* processing is needed. Each list holds the nodes that require a PLOGI or
* ADISC Extended Link Service (ELS) request. These lists keep track of the
* nodes affected by an RSCN, or a Link Up (Typically, all nodes are effected
* by Link Up) event. The unmapped_list contains all nodes that have
* successfully logged into at the Fibre Channel level. The
* mapped_list will contain all nodes that are mapped FCP targets.
* The bind list is a list of undiscovered (potentially non-existent) nodes
* that we have saved binding information on. This information is used when
* nodes transition from the unmapped to the mapped list.
/* Defines for nlp_state */
#define NLP_STE_UNUSED_NODE 0x0 /* node is just allocated */
#define NLP_STE_PLOGI_ISSUE 0x1 /* PLOGI was sent to NL_PORT */
#define NLP_STE_ADISC_ISSUE 0x2 /* ADISC was sent to NL_PORT */
#define NLP_STE_REG_LOGIN_ISSUE 0x3 /* REG_LOGIN was issued for NL_PORT */
#define NLP_STE_PRLI_ISSUE 0x4 /* PRLI was sent to NL_PORT */
#define NLP_STE_LOGO_ISSUE 0x5 /* LOGO was sent to NL_PORT */
#define NLP_STE_UNMAPPED_NODE 0x6 /* PRLI completed from NL_PORT */
#define NLP_STE_MAPPED_NODE 0x7 /* Identified as a FCP Target */
#define NLP_STE_NPR_NODE 0x8 /* NPort disappeared */
#define NLP_STE_MAX_STATE 0x9
#define NLP_STE_FREED_NODE 0xff /* node entry was freed to MEM_NLP */
/* For UNUSED_NODE state, the node has just been allocated.
* For PLOGI_ISSUE and REG_LOGIN_ISSUE, the node is on
* the PLOGI list. For REG_LOGIN_COMPL, the node is taken off the PLOGI list
* and put on the unmapped list. For ADISC processing, the node is taken off
* the ADISC list and placed on either the mapped or unmapped list (depending
* on its previous state). Once on the unmapped list, a PRLI is issued and the
* state changed to PRLI_ISSUE. When the PRLI completion occurs, the state is
* changed to PRLI_COMPL. If the completion indicates a mapped
* node, the node is taken off the unmapped list. The binding list is checked
* for a valid binding, or a binding is automatically assigned. If binding
* assignment is unsuccessful, the node is left on the unmapped list. If
* binding assignment is successful, the associated binding list entry (if
* any) is removed, and the node is placed on the mapped list.
* For a Link Down, all nodes on the ADISC, PLOGI, unmapped or mapped
* lists will receive a DEVICE_RECOVERY event. If the linkdown or devloss timers
* expire, all effected nodes will receive a DEVICE_RM event.
* For a Link Up or RSCN, all nodes will move from the mapped / unmapped lists
* to either the ADISC or PLOGI list. After a Nameserver query or ALPA loopmap
* check, additional nodes may be added (DEVICE_ADD) or removed (DEVICE_RM) to /
* from the PLOGI or ADISC lists. Once the PLOGI and ADISC lists are populated,
* we will first process the ADISC list. 32 entries are processed initially and
* ADISC is initited for each one. Completions / Events for each node are
* funnelled thru the state machine. As each node finishes ADISC processing, it
* starts ADISC for any nodes waiting for ADISC processing. If no nodes are
* waiting, and the ADISC list count is identically 0, then we are done. For
* Link Up discovery, since all nodes on the PLOGI list are UNREG_LOGIN'ed, we
* can issue a CLEAR_LA and reenable Link Events. Next we will process the PLOGI
* list. 32 entries are processed initially and PLOGI is initited for each one.
* Completions / Events for each node are funnelled thru the state machine. As
* each node finishes PLOGI processing, it starts PLOGI for any nodes waiting
* for PLOGI processing. If no nodes are waiting, and the PLOGI list count is
* identically 0, then we are done. We have now completed discovery / RSCN
* handling. Upon completion, ALL nodes should be on either the mapped or
* unmapped lists.
/* Defines for Node List Entry Events that could happen */
#define NLP_EVT_RCV_PLOGI 0x0 /* Rcv'd an ELS PLOGI command */
#define NLP_EVT_RCV_PRLI 0x1 /* Rcv'd an ELS PRLI command */
#define NLP_EVT_RCV_LOGO 0x2 /* Rcv'd an ELS LOGO command */
#define NLP_EVT_RCV_ADISC 0x3 /* Rcv'd an ELS ADISC command */
#define NLP_EVT_RCV_PDISC 0x4 /* Rcv'd an ELS PDISC command */
#define NLP_EVT_RCV_PRLO 0x5 /* Rcv'd an ELS PRLO command */
#define NLP_EVT_CMPL_PLOGI 0x6 /* Sent an ELS PLOGI command */
#define NLP_EVT_CMPL_PRLI 0x7 /* Sent an ELS PRLI command */
#define NLP_EVT_CMPL_LOGO 0x8 /* Sent an ELS LOGO command */
#define NLP_EVT_CMPL_ADISC 0x9 /* Sent an ELS ADISC command */
#define NLP_EVT_CMPL_REG_LOGIN 0xa /* REG_LOGIN mbox cmd completed */
#define NLP_EVT_DEVICE_RM 0xb /* Device not found in NS / ALPAmap */
#define NLP_EVT_DEVICE_RECOVERY 0xc /* Device existence unknown */
#define NLP_EVT_MAX_EVENT 0xd