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* netup_unidvb.h
* Data type definitions for NetUP Universal Dual DVB-CI
* Copyright (C) 2014 NetUP Inc.
* Copyright (C) 2014 Sergey Kozlov <>
* Copyright (C) 2014 Abylay Ospan <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <linux/i2c.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <media/v4l2-common.h>
#include <media/v4l2-device.h>
#include <media/videobuf2-dvb.h>
#include <media/dvb_ca_en50221.h>
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_NAME "netup_unidvb"
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_VERSION "0.0.1"
#define NETUP_VENDOR_ID 0x1b55
/* IRQ-related regisers */
#define REG_ISR 0x4890
#define REG_ISR_MASKED 0x4892
#define REG_IMASK_SET 0x4894
#define REG_IMASK_CLEAR 0x4896
/* REG_ISR register bits */
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_SPI (1 << 0)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_I2C0 (1 << 1)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_I2C1 (1 << 2)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_FRA0 (1 << 4)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_FRA1 (1 << 5)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_FRB0 (1 << 6)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_FRB1 (1 << 7)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_DMA1 (1 << 8)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_DMA2 (1 << 9)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_CI (1 << 10)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_CAM0 (1 << 11)
#define NETUP_UNIDVB_IRQ_CAM1 (1 << 12)
/* NetUP Universal DVB card hardware revisions and it's PCI device id's:
* 1.3 - CXD2841ER demod, ASCOT2E and HORUS3A tuners
* 1.4 - CXD2854ER demod, HELENE tuner
enum netup_hw_rev {
NETUP_HW_REV_1_3 = 0x18F6,
NETUP_HW_REV_1_4 = 0x18F7
struct netup_dma {
u8 num;
spinlock_t lock;
struct netup_unidvb_dev *ndev;
struct netup_dma_regs __iomem *regs;
u32 ring_buffer_size;
u8 *addr_virt;
dma_addr_t addr_phys;
u64 addr_last;
u32 high_addr;
u32 data_offset;
u32 data_size;
struct list_head free_buffers;
struct work_struct work;
struct timer_list timeout;
enum netup_i2c_state {
struct netup_i2c_regs;
struct netup_i2c {
spinlock_t lock;
wait_queue_head_t wq;
struct i2c_adapter adap;
struct netup_unidvb_dev *dev;
struct netup_i2c_regs __iomem *regs;
struct i2c_msg *msg;
enum netup_i2c_state state;
u32 xmit_size;
struct netup_ci_state {
struct dvb_ca_en50221 ca;
u8 __iomem *membase8_config;
u8 __iomem *membase8_io;
struct netup_unidvb_dev *dev;
int status;
int nr;
struct netup_spi;
struct netup_unidvb_dev {
struct pci_dev *pci_dev;
int pci_bus;
int pci_slot;
int pci_func;
int board_num;
int old_fw;
u32 __iomem *lmmio0;
u8 __iomem *bmmio0;
u32 __iomem *lmmio1;
u8 __iomem *bmmio1;
u8 *dma_virt;
dma_addr_t dma_phys;
u32 dma_size;
struct vb2_dvb_frontends frontends[2];
struct netup_i2c i2c[2];
struct workqueue_struct *wq;
struct netup_dma dma[2];
struct netup_ci_state ci[2];
struct netup_spi *spi;
enum netup_hw_rev rev;
int netup_i2c_register(struct netup_unidvb_dev *ndev);
void netup_i2c_unregister(struct netup_unidvb_dev *ndev);
irqreturn_t netup_ci_interrupt(struct netup_unidvb_dev *ndev);
irqreturn_t netup_i2c_interrupt(struct netup_i2c *i2c);
irqreturn_t netup_spi_interrupt(struct netup_spi *spi);
int netup_unidvb_ci_register(struct netup_unidvb_dev *dev,
int num, struct pci_dev *pci_dev);
void netup_unidvb_ci_unregister(struct netup_unidvb_dev *dev, int num);
int netup_spi_init(struct netup_unidvb_dev *ndev);
void netup_spi_release(struct netup_unidvb_dev *ndev);