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* ISHTP-HID glue driver's definitions.
* Copyright (c) 2014-2016, Intel Corporation.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License,
* version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
#ifndef ISHTP_HID__H
#define ISHTP_HID__H
/* The fixed ISH product and vendor id */
#define ISH_HID_VENDOR 0x8086
#define ISH_HID_PRODUCT 0x22D8
#define ISH_HID_VERSION 0x0200
#define CMD_MASK 0x7F
#define IS_RESPONSE 0x80
/* Used to dump to Linux trace buffer, if enabled */
#define hid_ishtp_trace(client, ...) \
client->cl_device->ishtp_dev, __VA_ARGS__)
/* ISH Transport protocol (ISHTP in short) GUID */
static const uuid_le hid_ishtp_guid = UUID_LE(0x33AECD58, 0xB679, 0x4E54,
0x9B, 0xD9, 0xA0, 0x4D, 0x34,
0xF0, 0xC2, 0x26);
/* ISH HID message structure */
struct hostif_msg_hdr {
uint8_t command; /* Bit 7: is_response */
uint8_t device_id;
uint8_t status;
uint8_t flags;
uint16_t size;
} __packed;
struct hostif_msg {
struct hostif_msg_hdr hdr;
} __packed;
struct hostif_msg_to_sensor {
struct hostif_msg_hdr hdr;
uint8_t report_id;
} __packed;
struct device_info {
uint32_t dev_id;
uint8_t dev_class;
uint16_t pid;
uint16_t vid;
} __packed;
struct ishtp_version {
uint8_t major;
uint8_t minor;
uint8_t hotfix;
uint16_t build;
} __packed;
/* struct for ISHTP aggregated input data */
struct report_list {
uint16_t total_size;
uint8_t num_of_reports;
uint8_t flags;
struct {
uint16_t size_of_report;
uint8_t report[1];
} __packed reports[1];
} __packed;
/* HOSTIF commands */
#define MAX_HID_DEVICES 32
* struct ishtp_cl_data - Encapsulate per ISH TP HID Client
* @enum_device_done: Enum devices response complete flag
* @hid_descr_done: HID descriptor complete flag
* @report_descr_done: Get report descriptor complete flag
* @init_done: Init process completed successfully
* @suspended: System is under suspend state or in progress
* @num_hid_devices: Number of HID devices enumerated in this client
* @cur_hid_dev: This keeps track of the device index for which
* initialization and registration with HID core
* in progress.
* @hid_devices: Store vid/pid/devid for each enumerated HID device
* @report_descr: Stores the raw report descriptors for each HID device
* @report_descr_size: Report description of size of above repo_descr[]
* @hid_sensor_hubs: Pointer to hid_device for all HID device, so that
* when clients are removed, they can be freed
* @hid_descr: Pointer to hid descriptor for each enumerated hid
* device
* @hid_descr_size: Size of each above report descriptor
* @init_wait: Wait queue to wait during initialization, where the
* client send message to ISH FW and wait for response
* @ishtp_hid_wait: The wait for get report during wait callback from hid
* core
* @bad_recv_cnt: Running count of packets received with error
* @multi_packet_cnt: Count of fragmented packet count
* This structure is used to store completion flags and per client data like
* like report description, number of HID devices etc.
struct ishtp_cl_data {
/* completion flags */
bool enum_devices_done;
bool hid_descr_done;
bool report_descr_done;
bool init_done;
bool suspended;
unsigned int num_hid_devices;
unsigned int cur_hid_dev;
unsigned int hid_dev_count;
struct device_info *hid_devices;
unsigned char *report_descr[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
int report_descr_size[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
struct hid_device *hid_sensor_hubs[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
unsigned char *hid_descr[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
int hid_descr_size[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
wait_queue_head_t init_wait;
wait_queue_head_t ishtp_resume_wait;
struct ishtp_cl *hid_ishtp_cl;
/* Statistics */
unsigned int bad_recv_cnt;
int multi_packet_cnt;
struct work_struct work;
struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_device;
* struct ishtp_hid_data - Per instance HID data
* @index: Device index in the order of enumeration
* @request_done: Get Feature/Input report complete flag
* used during get/set request from hid core
* @client_data: Link to the client instance
* @hid_wait: Completion waitq
* Used to tie hid hid->driver data to driver client instance
struct ishtp_hid_data {
int index;
bool request_done;
struct ishtp_cl_data *client_data;
wait_queue_head_t hid_wait;
/* Interface functions between HID LL driver and ISH TP client */
void hid_ishtp_set_feature(struct hid_device *hid, char *buf, unsigned int len,
int report_id);
void hid_ishtp_get_report(struct hid_device *hid, int report_id,
int report_type);
int ishtp_hid_probe(unsigned int cur_hid_dev,
struct ishtp_cl_data *client_data);
void ishtp_hid_remove(struct ishtp_cl_data *client_data);
int ishtp_hid_link_ready_wait(struct ishtp_cl_data *client_data);
void ishtp_hid_wakeup(struct hid_device *hid);
#endif /* ISHTP_HID__H */