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* Samsung Exynos4x12 FIMC-IS (Imaging Subsystem) driver
* FIMC-IS command set definitions
* Copyright (C) 2013 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
* Authors: Younghwan Joo <>
* Sylwester Nawrocki <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef FIMC_IS_CMD_H_
#define FIMC_IS_CMD_H_
#define FIMC_IS_COMMAND_VER 110 /* FIMC-IS command set version 1.10 */
/* Enumeration of commands beetween the FIMC-IS and the host processor. */
/* HOST to FIMC-IS */
#define HIC_PREVIEW_STILL 0x0001
#define HIC_PREVIEW_VIDEO 0x0002
#define HIC_CAPTURE_STILL 0x0003
#define HIC_CAPTURE_VIDEO 0x0004
#define HIC_STREAM_ON 0x0005
#define HIC_STREAM_OFF 0x0006
#define HIC_SET_PARAMETER 0x0007
#define HIC_GET_PARAMETER 0x0008
#define HIC_SET_TUNE 0x0009
#define HIC_GET_STATUS 0x000b
/* Sensor part */
#define HIC_OPEN_SENSOR 0x000c
#define HIC_CLOSE_SENSOR 0x000d
#define HIC_SIMMIAN_INIT 0x000e
#define HIC_SIMMIAN_WRITE 0x000f
#define HIC_SIMMIAN_READ 0x0010
#define HIC_POWER_DOWN 0x0011
#define HIC_GET_SET_FILE_ADDR 0x0012
#define HIC_LOAD_SET_FILE 0x0013
#define HIC_MSG_CONFIG 0x0014
#define HIC_MSG_TEST 0x0015
/* FIMC-IS to HOST */
#define IHC_GET_SENSOR_NUM 0x1000
#define IHC_SET_SHOT_MARK 0x1001
/* parameter1: frame number */
/* parameter2: confidence level (smile 0~100) */
/* parameter3: confidence level (blink 0~100) */
#define IHC_SET_FACE_MARK 0x1002
/* parameter1: coordinate count */
/* parameter2: coordinate buffer address */
#define IHC_FRAME_DONE 0x1003
/* parameter1: frame start number */
/* parameter2: frame count */
#define IHC_AA_DONE 0x1004
#define IHC_NOT_READY 0x1005
#define IH_REPLY_DONE 0x2000
#define IH_REPLY_NOT_DONE 0x2001
enum fimc_is_scenario {
enum fimc_is_sub_scenario {
struct is_common_regs {
u32 hicmd;
u32 hic_sensorid;
u32 hic_param[4];
u32 reserved1[4];
u32 ihcmd;
u32 ihc_sensorid;
u32 ihc_param[4];
u32 reserved2[4];
u32 isp_sensor_id;
u32 isp_param[2];
u32 reserved3[1];
u32 scc_sensor_id;
u32 scc_param[2];
u32 reserved4[1];
u32 dnr_sensor_id;
u32 dnr_param[2];
u32 reserved5[1];
u32 scp_sensor_id;
u32 scp_param[2];
u32 reserved6[29];
} __packed;
struct is_mcuctl_reg {
u32 mcuctl;
u32 bboar;
u32 intgr0;
u32 intcr0;
u32 intmr0;
u32 intsr0;
u32 intmsr0;
u32 intgr1;
u32 intcr1;
u32 intmr1;
u32 intsr1;
u32 intmsr1;
u32 intcr2;
u32 intmr2;
u32 intsr2;
u32 intmsr2;
u32 gpoctrl;
u32 cpoenctlr;
u32 gpictlr;
u32 reserved[0xd];
struct is_common_regs common;
} __packed;
#endif /* FIMC_IS_CMD_H_ */