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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2007
* Authors: Peter Tiedemann (
* MPC additions:
* Belinda Thompson (
* Andy Richter (
#ifndef _CTC_MPC_H_
#define _CTC_MPC_H_
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include "fsm.h"
* MPC external interface
* Note that ctc_mpc_xyz are called with a lock on ................
/* port_number is the mpc device 0, 1, 2 etc mpc2 is port_number 2 */
/* passive open Just wait for XID2 exchange */
extern int ctc_mpc_alloc_channel(int port,
void (*callback)(int port_num, int max_write_size));
/* active open Alloc then send XID2 */
extern void ctc_mpc_establish_connectivity(int port,
void (*callback)(int port_num, int rc, int max_write_size));
extern void ctc_mpc_dealloc_ch(int port);
extern void ctc_mpc_flow_control(int port, int flowc);
* other MPC Group prototypes and structures
#define ETH_P_SNA_DIX 0x80D5
* Declaration of an XID2
#define ALLZEROS 0x0000000000000000
#define XID_FM2 0x20
#define XID2_0 0x00
#define XID2_7 0x07
#define XID2_WRITE_SIDE 0x04
#define XID2_READ_SIDE 0x05
struct xid2 {
__u8 xid2_type_id;
__u8 xid2_len;
__u32 xid2_adj_id;
__u8 xid2_rlen;
__u8 xid2_resv1;
__u8 xid2_flag1;
__u8 xid2_fmtt;
__u8 xid2_flag4;
__u16 xid2_resv2;
__u8 xid2_tgnum;
__u32 xid2_sender_id;
__u8 xid2_flag2;
__u8 xid2_option;
char xid2_resv3[8];
__u16 xid2_resv4;
__u8 xid2_dlc_type;
__u16 xid2_resv5;
__u8 xid2_mpc_flag;
__u8 xid2_resv6;
__u16 xid2_buf_len;
char xid2_buffer[255 - (13 * sizeof(__u8) +
2 * sizeof(__u32) +
4 * sizeof(__u16) +
8 * sizeof(char))];
} __attribute__ ((packed));
#define XID2_LENGTH (sizeof(struct xid2))
struct th_header {
__u8 th_seg;
__u8 th_ch_flag;
#define TH_HAS_PDU 0xf0
#define TH_IS_XID 0x01
#define TH_SWEEP_REQ 0xfe
#define TH_SWEEP_RESP 0xff
__u8 th_blk_flag;
#define TH_DATA_IS_XID 0x80
#define TH_RETRY 0x40
#define TH_DISCONTACT 0xc0
#define TH_SEG_BLK 0x20
#define TH_LAST_SEG 0x10
#define TH_PDU_PART 0x08
__u8 th_is_xid; /* is 0x01 if this is XID */
__u32 th_seq_num;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct th_addon {
__u32 th_last_seq;
__u32 th_resvd;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct th_sweep {
struct th_header th;
struct th_addon sw;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
#define TH_HEADER_LENGTH (sizeof(struct th_header))
#define TH_SWEEP_LENGTH (sizeof(struct th_sweep))
#define PDU_LAST 0x80
#define PDU_CNTL 0x40
#define PDU_FIRST 0x20
struct pdu {
__u32 pdu_offset;
__u8 pdu_flag;
__u8 pdu_proto; /* 0x01 is APPN SNA */
__u16 pdu_seq;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
#define PDU_HEADER_LENGTH (sizeof(struct pdu))
struct qllc {
__u8 qllc_address;
#define QLLC_REQ 0xFF
#define QLLC_RESP 0x00
__u8 qllc_commands;
#define QLLC_DISCONNECT 0x53
#define QLLC_UNSEQACK 0x73
#define QLLC_SETMODE 0x93
#define QLLC_EXCHID 0xBF
} __attribute__ ((packed));
* Definition of one MPC group
#define MAX_MPCGCHAN 10
#define XSIDE 1
#define YSIDE 0
struct mpcg_info {
struct sk_buff *skb;
struct channel *ch;
struct xid2 *xid;
struct th_sweep *sweep;
struct th_header *th;
struct mpc_group {
struct tasklet_struct mpc_tasklet;
struct tasklet_struct mpc_tasklet2;
int changed_side;
int saved_state;
int channels_terminating;
int out_of_sequence;
int flow_off_called;
int port_num;
int port_persist;
int alloc_called;
__u32 xid2_adj_id;
__u8 xid2_tgnum;
__u32 xid2_sender_id;
int num_channel_paths;
int active_channels[2];
__u16 group_max_buflen;
int outstanding_xid2;
int outstanding_xid7;
int outstanding_xid7_p2;
int sweep_req_pend_num;
int sweep_rsp_pend_num;
struct sk_buff *xid_skb;
char *xid_skb_data;
struct th_header *xid_th;
struct xid2 *xid;
char *xid_id;
struct th_header *rcvd_xid_th;
struct sk_buff *rcvd_xid_skb;
char *rcvd_xid_data;
__u8 in_sweep;
__u8 roll;
struct xid2 *saved_xid2;
void (*allochanfunc)(int, int);
int allocchan_callback_retries;
void (*estconnfunc)(int, int, int);
int estconn_callback_retries;
int estconn_called;
int xidnogood;
int send_qllc_disc;
fsm_timer timer;
fsm_instance *fsm; /* group xid fsm */
void ctcmpc_dumpit(char *buf, int len);
static inline void ctcmpc_dumpit(char *buf, int len)
* Dump header and first 16 bytes of an sk_buff for debugging purposes.
* skb The struct sk_buff to dump.
* offset Offset relative to skb-data, where to start the dump.
void ctcmpc_dump_skb(struct sk_buff *skb, int offset);
static inline void ctcmpc_dump_skb(struct sk_buff *skb, int offset)
static inline void ctcmpc_dump32(char *buf, int len)
if (len < 32)
ctcmpc_dumpit(buf, len);
ctcmpc_dumpit(buf, 32);
int ctcmpc_open(struct net_device *);
void ctcm_ccw_check_rc(struct channel *, int, char *);
void mpc_group_ready(unsigned long adev);
void mpc_channel_action(struct channel *ch, int direction, int action);
void mpc_action_send_discontact(unsigned long thischan);
void mpc_action_discontact(fsm_instance *fi, int event, void *arg);
void ctcmpc_bh(unsigned long thischan);
/* --- This is the END my friend --- */