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To support DP MST audio, HD Audio hdmi codec driver introduces virtual pin
and dynamic pcm assignment.
Virtual pin is an extension of per_pin. The most difference of DP MST
from legacy is that DP MST introduces device entry. Each pin can contain
several device entries. Each device entry behaves as a pin.
As each pin may contain several device entries and each codec may contain
several pins, if we use one pcm per per_pin, there will be many PCMs.
The new solution is to create a few PCMs and to dynamically bind pcm to
per_pin. Driver uses spec->dyn_pcm_assign flag to indicate whether to use
the new solution.
To be added
- MST must be dyn_pcm_assign, and it is acomp (for Intel scenario);
- NON-MST may or may not be dyn_pcm_assign, it can be acomp or !acomp;
So there are the following scenarios:
a. MST (&& dyn_pcm_assign && acomp)
b. NON-MST && dyn_pcm_assign && acomp
c. NON-MST && !dyn_pcm_assign && !acomp
Below discussion will ignore MST and NON-MST difference as it doesn't
impact on jack handling too much.
Driver uses struct hdmi_pcm pcm[] array in hdmi_spec and snd_jack is
a member of hdmi_pcm. Each pin has one struct hdmi_pcm * pcm pointer.
For !dyn_pcm_assign, per_pin->pcm will assigned to spec->pcm[n] statically.
For dyn_pcm_assign, per_pin->pcm will assigned to spec->pcm[n]
when monitor is hotplugged.
Build Jack
- dyn_pcm_assign
Will not use hda_jack but use snd_jack in spec->pcm_rec[pcm_idx].jack directly.
- !dyn_pcm_assign
Use hda_jack and assign spec->pcm_rec[pcm_idx].jack = jack->jack statically.
Unsolicited Event Enabling
Enable unsolicited event if !acomp.
Monitor Hotplug Event Handling
- acomp
pin_eld_notify() -> check_presence_and_report() -> hdmi_present_sense() ->
Use directly snd_jack_report() on spec->pcm_rec[pcm_idx].jack for
both dyn_pcm_assign and !dyn_pcm_assign
- !acomp
Hdmi_unsol_event() -> hdmi_intrinsic_event() -> check_presence_and_report() ->
hdmi_present_sense() -> hdmi_prepsent_sense_via_verbs()
Use directly snd_jack_report() on spec->pcm_rec[pcm_idx].jack for dyn_pcm_assign.
Use hda_jack mechanism to handle jack events.
Others to be added later