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Kernel driver ds620
Supported chips:
* Dallas Semiconductor DS620
Prefix: 'ds620'
Datasheet: Publicly available at the Dallas Semiconductor website
Roland Stigge <>
based on ds1621.c by
Christian W. Zuckschwerdt <>
The DS620 is a (one instance) digital thermometer and thermostat. It has both
high and low temperature limits which can be user defined (i.e. programmed
into non-volatile on-chip registers). Temperature range is -55 degree Celsius
to +125. Between 0 and 70 degree Celsius, accuracy is 0.5 Kelvin. The value
returned via sysfs displays post decimal positions.
The thermostat function works as follows: When configured via platform_data
(struct ds620_platform_data) .pomode == 0 (default), the thermostat output pin
PO is always low. If .pomode == 1, the thermostat is in PO_LOW mode. I.e., the
output pin PO becomes active when the temperature falls below temp1_min and
stays active until the temperature goes above temp1_max.
Likewise, with .pomode == 2, the thermostat is in PO_HIGH mode. I.e., the PO
output pin becomes active when the temperature goes above temp1_max and stays
active until the temperature falls below temp1_min.
The PO output pin of the DS620 operates active-low.