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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
#ifndef __LINUX_KBUILD_H
# error "Please do not build this file directly, build asm-offsets.c instead"
#include <asm/ucontext.h>
#define __SYSCALL_I386(nr, sym, qual) [nr] = 1,
static char syscalls[] = {
#include <asm/syscalls_32.h>
/* workaround for a warning with -Wmissing-prototypes */
void foo(void);
void foo(void)
OFFSET(CPUINFO_x86, cpuinfo_x86, x86);
OFFSET(CPUINFO_x86_vendor, cpuinfo_x86, x86_vendor);
OFFSET(CPUINFO_x86_model, cpuinfo_x86, x86_model);
OFFSET(CPUINFO_x86_stepping, cpuinfo_x86, x86_stepping);
OFFSET(CPUINFO_cpuid_level, cpuinfo_x86, cpuid_level);
OFFSET(CPUINFO_x86_capability, cpuinfo_x86, x86_capability);
OFFSET(CPUINFO_x86_vendor_id, cpuinfo_x86, x86_vendor_id);
OFFSET(PT_EBX, pt_regs, bx);
OFFSET(PT_ECX, pt_regs, cx);
OFFSET(PT_EDX, pt_regs, dx);
OFFSET(PT_ESI, pt_regs, si);
OFFSET(PT_EDI, pt_regs, di);
OFFSET(PT_EBP, pt_regs, bp);
OFFSET(PT_EAX, pt_regs, ax);
OFFSET(PT_DS, pt_regs, ds);
OFFSET(PT_ES, pt_regs, es);
OFFSET(PT_FS, pt_regs, fs);
OFFSET(PT_GS, pt_regs, gs);
OFFSET(PT_ORIG_EAX, pt_regs, orig_ax);
OFFSET(PT_EIP, pt_regs, ip);
OFFSET(PT_CS, pt_regs, cs);
OFFSET(PT_EFLAGS, pt_regs, flags);
OFFSET(PT_OLDESP, pt_regs, sp);
OFFSET(PT_OLDSS, pt_regs, ss);
OFFSET(saved_context_gdt_desc, saved_context, gdt_desc);
/* Offset from the sysenter stack to tss.sp0 */
DEFINE(TSS_sysenter_sp0, offsetof(struct cpu_entry_area, tss.x86_tss.sp0) -
offsetofend(struct cpu_entry_area, entry_stack_page.stack));
OFFSET(stack_canary_offset, stack_canary, canary);
DEFINE(__NR_syscall_max, sizeof(syscalls) - 1);
DEFINE(NR_syscalls, sizeof(syscalls));