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* apb_timer.h: Driver for Langwell APB timer based on Synopsis DesignWare
* (C) Copyright 2009 Intel Corporation
* Author: Jacob Pan (
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2
* of the License.
* Note:
#ifndef ASM_X86_APBT_H
#define ASM_X86_APBT_H
#include <linux/sfi.h>
/* default memory mapped register base */
#define LNW_SCU_ADDR 0xFF100000
#define LNW_EXT_TIMER_OFFSET 0x1B800
/* APBT clock speed range from PCLK to fabric base, 25-100MHz */
#define APBT_MAX_FREQ 50000000
#define APBT_MIN_FREQ 1000000
#define APBT_MMAP_SIZE 1024
#define APBT_DEV_USED 1
extern void apbt_time_init(void);
extern unsigned long apbt_quick_calibrate(void);
extern int arch_setup_apbt_irqs(int irq, int trigger, int mask, int cpu);
extern void apbt_setup_secondary_clock(void);
extern struct sfi_timer_table_entry *sfi_get_mtmr(int hint);
extern void sfi_free_mtmr(struct sfi_timer_table_entry *mtmr);
extern int sfi_mtimer_num;
#else /* CONFIG_APB_TIMER */
static inline unsigned long apbt_quick_calibrate(void) {return 0; }
static inline void apbt_time_init(void) { }
#endif /* ASM_X86_APBT_H */