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Kernel driver isl29003
Supported chips:
* Intersil ISL29003
Prefix: 'isl29003'
Addresses scanned: none
Author: Daniel Mack <>
The ISL29003 is an integrated light sensor with a 16-bit integrating type
ADC, I2C user programmable lux range select for optimized counts/lux, and
I2C multi-function control and monitoring capabilities. The internal ADC
provides 16-bit resolution while rejecting 50Hz and 60Hz flicker caused by
artificial light sources.
The driver allows to set the lux range, the bit resolution, the operational
mode (see below) and the power state of device and can read the current lux
value, of course.
The ISL29003 does not have an ID register which could be used to identify
it, so the detection routine will just try to read from the configured I2C
address and consider the device to be present as soon as it ACKs the
Sysfs entries
0: 0 lux to 1000 lux (default)
1: 0 lux to 4000 lux
2: 0 lux to 16,000 lux
3: 0 lux to 64,000 lux
0: 2^16 cycles (default)
1: 2^12 cycles
2: 2^8 cycles
3: 2^4 cycles
0: diode1's current (unsigned 16bit) (default)
1: diode1's current (unsigned 16bit)
2: difference between diodes (l1 - l2, signed 15bit)
0: device is disabled (default)
1: device is enabled
lux (read only):
returns the value from the last sensor reading