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0x12300000: 0x69040000: 3DSTATE_PIPELINE_SELECT
0x12300004: 0x790d0002: 3DSTATE_MULTISAMPLE
0x12300008: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x1230000c: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x12300010: 0x00000000: dword 3
0x12300014: 0x78180000: 3DSTATE_SAMPLE_MASK
0x12300018: 0x00000001: dword 1
0x1230001c: 0x61020000: STATE_SIP
0x12300020: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x12300024: 0x680b0000: 3DSTATE_VF_STATISTICS
0x12300028: 0x61010008: STATE_BASE_ADDRESS
0x1230002c: 0x00000001: general state base address 0x00000000
0x12300030: 0x091ba001: surface state base address 0x091ba000
0x12300034: 0x091ba001: dynamic state base address 0x091ba000
0x12300038: 0x00000001: indirect state base address 0x00000000
0x1230003c: 0x091c2001: instruction state base address 0x091c2000
0x12300040: 0x00000001: general state upper bound disabled
0x12300044: 0x091c2001: dynamic state upper bound 0x091c2000
0x12300048: 0x00000001: indirect state upper bound disabled
0x1230004c: 0x00000001: instruction state upper bound disabled
0x12300050: 0x78230000: 3DSTATE_VIEWPORT_STATE_POINTERS_CC
0x12300054: 0x00007fe0: pointer to CC viewport
0x1230005c: 0x00007f80: pointer to SF_CLIP viewport
0x12300060: 0x78300000: 3DSTATE_URB_VS
0x12300064: 0x040002c0: 16KB start, size=1 64B rows, nr_entries=704, total size 45056B
0x12300068: 0x78330000: 3DSTATE_URB_GS
0x1230006c: 0x04000000: 16KB start, size=1 64B rows, nr_entries=0, total size 0B
0x12300070: 0x78310000: 3DSTATE_URB_HS
0x12300074: 0x04000000: 16KB start, size=1 64B rows, nr_entries=0, total size 0B
0x12300078: 0x78320000: 3DSTATE_URB_DS
0x1230007c: 0x04000000: 16KB start, size=1 64B rows, nr_entries=0, total size 0B
0x12300080: 0x78240000: 3DSTATE_BLEND_STATE_POINTERS
0x12300084: 0x00007f41: pointer to BLEND_STATE at 0x00007f40 (changed)
0x12300088: 0x780e0000: 3DSTATE_CC_STATE_POINTERS
0x1230008c: 0x00007f01: pointer to COLOR_CALC_STATE at 0x00007f00 (changed)
0x12300094: 0x00007ec1: pointer to DEPTH_STENCIL_STATE at 0x00007ec0 (changed)
0x12300098: 0x78160005: 3DSTATE_CONSTANT_GS
0x1230009c: 0x00000000: len 0 = 0, len 1 = 0
0x123000a0: 0x00000000: len 2 = 0, len 3 = 0
0x123000a4: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 0
0x123000a8: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 1
0x123000ac: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 2
0x123000b0: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 3
0x123000b4: 0x78110005: 3DSTATE_GS
0x123000b8: 0x00000000: kernel pointer
0x123000bc: 0x00000000: SPF=0, VME=0, Sampler Count 0, Binding table count 0
0x123000c0: 0x00000000: scratch offset
0x123000c4: 0x00000401: Dispatch GRF start 1, VUE read length 0, VUE read offset 0
0x123000c8: 0x00000400: Max Threads 1, Rendering disable
0x123000cc: 0x00000000: Reorder disable, Discard Adjaceny disable, GS disable
0x123000d0: 0x78290000: 3DSTATE_BINDING_TABLE_POINTERS_GS
0x123000d4: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x123000d8: 0x78190005: 3DSTATE_CONSTANT_HS
0x123000dc: 0x00000000: len 0 = 0, len 1 = 0
0x123000e0: 0x00000000: len 2 = 0, len 3 = 0
0x123000e4: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 0
0x123000e8: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 1
0x123000ec: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 2
0x123000f0: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 3
0x123000f4: 0x781b0005: 3DSTATE_HS
0x123000f8: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x123000fc: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x12300100: 0x00000000: dword 3
0x12300104: 0x00000000: dword 4
0x12300108: 0x00000000: dword 5
0x1230010c: 0x00000000: dword 6
0x12300110: 0x78270000: 3DSTATE_BINDING_TABLE_POINTERS_HS
0x12300114: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x12300118: 0x781c0002: 3DSTATE_TE
0x1230011c: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x12300120: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x12300124: 0x00000000: dword 3
0x12300128: 0x781a0005: 3DSTATE_CONSTANT_DS
0x1230012c: 0x00000000: len 0 = 0, len 1 = 0
0x12300130: 0x00000000: len 2 = 0, len 3 = 0
0x12300134: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 0
0x12300138: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 1
0x1230013c: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 2
0x12300140: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 3
0x12300144: 0x781d0004: 3DSTATE_DS
0x12300148: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x1230014c: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x12300150: 0x00000000: dword 3
0x12300154: 0x00000000: dword 4
0x12300158: 0x00000000: dword 5
0x1230015c: 0x78280000: 3DSTATE_BINDING_TABLE_POINTERS_DS
0x12300160: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x12300164: 0x78260000: 3DSTATE_BINDING_TABLE_POINTERS_VS
0x12300168: 0x00007c40: dword 1
0x1230016c: 0x782b0000: 3DSTATE_SAMPLER_STATE_POINTERS_VS
0x12300170: 0x00007c20: dword 1
0x12300174: 0x79120000: 3DSTATE_PUSH_CONSTANT_ALLOC_VS
0x12300178: 0x00000008: dword 1
0x1230017c: 0x78150005: 3DSTATE_CONSTANT_VS
0x12300180: 0x00000002: len 0 = 2, len 1 = 0
0x12300184: 0x00000000: len 2 = 0, len 3 = 0
0x12300188: 0x00007e00: pointer to constbuf 0
0x1230018c: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 1
0x12300190: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 2
0x12300194: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 3
0x12300198: 0x78100004: 3DSTATE_VS
0x1230019c: 0x00000000: kernel pointer
0x123001a0: 0x08000000: SPF=0, VME=0, Sampler Count 1, Binding table count 0
0x123001a4: 0x00000000: scratch offset
0x123001a8: 0x00100800: Dispatch GRF start 1, VUE read length 1, VUE read offset 0
0x123001ac: 0xfe000401: Max Threads 128, Vertex Cache enable, VS func enable
0x123001b0: 0x781e0001: 3DSTATE_STREAMOUT
0x123001b4: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x123001b8: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x123001bc: 0x78120002: 3DSTATE_CLIP
0x123001c0: 0x00150400: UserClip distance cull test mask 0x0
0x123001c4: 0x98000026: Clip enable, API mode OGL, Viewport XY test enable, Viewport Z test enable, Guardband test disable, Clip mode 0, Perspective Divide enable, Non-Perspective Barycentric disable, Tri Provoking 2, Line Provoking 1, Trifan Provoking 2
0x123001c8: 0x0003ffe0: Min PointWidth 1, Max PointWidth 2047, Force Zero RTAIndex enable, Max VPIndex 0
0x123001cc: 0x781f000c: 3DSTATE_SBE
0x123001d0: 0x00600810: dword 1
0x123001d4: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x123001d8: 0x00000000: dword 3
0x123001dc: 0x00000000: dword 4
0x123001e0: 0x00000000: dword 5
0x123001e4: 0x00000000: dword 6
0x123001e8: 0x00000000: dword 7
0x123001ec: 0x00000000: dword 8
0x123001f0: 0x00000000: dword 9
0x123001f4: 0x00000000: dword 10
0x123001f8: 0x00000000: dword 11
0x123001fc: 0x00000000: dword 12
0x12300200: 0x00000000: dword 13
0x12300204: 0x78130005: 3DSTATE_SF
0x12300208: 0x00001403: dword 1
0x1230020c: 0x22000000: dword 2
0x12300210: 0x4c000808: dword 3
0x12300214: 0x00000000: dword 4
0x12300218: 0x00000000: dword 5
0x1230021c: 0x00000000: dword 6
0x12300220: 0x78140001: 3DSTATE_WM
0x12300224: 0xa0000840: (PP ), point UR
0x12300228: 0x00000000: MS
0x1230022c: 0x782a0000: 3DSTATE_BINDING_TABLE_POINTERS_PS
0x12300230: 0x00007c40: dword 1
0x12300234: 0x782f0000: 3DSTATE_SAMPLER_STATE_POINTERS_PS
0x12300238: 0x00007c20: dword 1
0x1230023c: 0x79160000: 3DSTATE_PUSH_CONSTANT_ALLOC_PS
0x12300240: 0x00080008: dword 1
0x12300244: 0x78170005: 3DSTATE_CONSTANT_PS
0x12300248: 0x00000000: len 0 = 0, len 1 = 0
0x1230024c: 0x00000000: len 2 = 0, len 3 = 0
0x12300250: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 0
0x12300254: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 1
0x12300258: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 2
0x1230025c: 0x00000000: pointer to constbuf 3
0x12300260: 0x78200006: 3DSTATE_PS
0x12300264: 0x00000140: dword 1
0x12300268: 0x08000000: dword 2
0x1230026c: 0x00000000: dword 3
0x12300270: 0x55000403: dword 4
0x12300274: 0x00040006: dword 5
0x12300278: 0x00000000: dword 6
0x1230027c: 0x00000240: dword 7
0x12300280: 0x780f0000: 3DSTATE_SCISSOR_POINTERS
0x12300284: 0x00007be0: scissor rect offset
0x12300288: 0x7a000002: PIPE_CONTROL
0x1230028c: 0x00002000: no write, depth stall,
0x12300290: 0x00000000:
0x12300294: 0x00000000:
0x12300298: 0x7a000002: PIPE_CONTROL
0x1230029c: 0x00000001: no write, depth cache flush,
0x123002a0: 0x00000000:
0x123002a4: 0x00000000:
0x123002a8: 0x7a000002: PIPE_CONTROL
0x123002ac: 0x00002000: no write, depth stall,
0x123002b0: 0x00000000:
0x123002b4: 0x00000000:
0x123002b8: 0x78050005: 3DSTATE_DEPTH_BUFFER
0x123002bc: 0xe0040000: dword 1
0x123002c0: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x123002c4: 0x00000000: dword 3
0x123002c8: 0x00000000: dword 4
0x123002cc: 0x00000000: dword 5
0x123002d0: 0x00000000: dword 6
0x123002d4: 0x78070001: 3DSTATE_HIER_DEPTH_BUFFER
0x123002d8: 0x00000000: pitch 1b
0x123002dc: 0x00000000: pointer to HiZ buffer
0x123002e0: 0x78060001: 3DSTATE_STENCIL_BUFFER
0x123002e4: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x123002e8: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x123002ec: 0x78040001: 3DSTATE_CLEAR_PARAMS
0x123002f0: 0x00000000: dword 1
0x123002f4: 0x00000000: dword 2
0x123002f8: 0x79000002: 3DSTATE_DRAWING_RECTANGLE
0x123002fc: 0x00000000: top left: 0,0
0x12300300: 0x00130077: bottom right: 119,19
0x12300304: 0x00000000: origin: 0,0
0x12300308: 0x78080003: 3DSTATE_VERTEX_BUFFERS
0x1230030c: 0x00004014: buffer 0: sequential, pitch 20b
0x12300310: 0x158b3000: buffer address
0x12300314: 0x158c2fff: max index
0x12300318: 0x00000000: mbz
0x1230031c: 0x78090003: 3DSTATE_VERTEX_ELEMENTS
0x12300320: 0x02850000: buffer 0: valid, type 0x0085, src offset 0x0000 bytes
0x12300324: 0x11230000: (X, Y, 0.0, 1.0), dst offset 0x00 bytes
0x12300328: 0x02400008: buffer 0: valid, type 0x0040, src offset 0x0008 bytes
0x1230032c: 0x11130000: (X, Y, Z, 1.0), dst offset 0x00 bytes
0x12300330: 0x7b000005: 3DPRIMITIVE:
0x12300334: 0x00000007: quad list sequential
0x12300338: 0x00000004: vertex count
0x1230033c: 0x00000000: start vertex
0x12300340: 0x00000001: instance count
0x12300344: 0x00000000: start instance
0x12300348: 0x00000000: index bias
0x1230034c: 0x05000000: MI_BATCH_BUFFER_END