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/* GStreamer
* Copyright (C) <2007> Wim Taymans <>
* Copyright (C) 2015 Kurento (
* @author: Miguel ParĂ­s <>
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Library General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the
* Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor,
* Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef __RTP_SOURCE_H__
#define __RTP_SOURCE_H__
#include <gst/gst.h>
#include <gst/rtp/rtp.h>
#include <gst/net/gstnetaddressmeta.h>
#include <gio/gio.h>
#include "rtpstats.h"
/* the default number of consecutive RTP packets we need to receive before the
* source is considered valid */
#define RTP_SEQ_MOD (1 << 16)
typedef struct _RTPSource RTPSource;
typedef struct _RTPSourceClass RTPSourceClass;
#define RTP_TYPE_SOURCE (rtp_source_get_type())
#define RTP_SOURCE_CAST(src) ((RTPSource *)(src))
* @src: an #RTPSource
* Check if @src is active. A source is active when it has been validated
* and has not yet received a BYE packet.
#define RTP_SOURCE_IS_ACTIVE(src) (src->validated && !src->marked_bye)
* @src: an #RTPSource
* Check if @src is a sender.
#define RTP_SOURCE_IS_SENDER(src) (src->is_sender)
* @src: an #RTPSource
* Check if @src is a marked as BYE.
#define RTP_SOURCE_IS_MARKED_BYE(src) (src->marked_bye)
* RTPSourcePushRTP:
* @src: an #RTPSource
* @data: the RTP buffer or buffer list ready for processing
* @user_data: user data specified when registering
* This callback will be called when @src has @buffer ready for further
* processing.
* Returns: a #GstFlowReturn.
typedef GstFlowReturn (*RTPSourcePushRTP) (RTPSource *src, gpointer data,
gpointer user_data);
* RTPSourceClockRate:
* @src: an #RTPSource
* @payload: a payload type
* @user_data: user data specified when registering
* This callback will be called when @src needs the clock-rate of the
* @payload.
* Returns: a clock-rate for @payload.
typedef gint (*RTPSourceClockRate) (RTPSource *src, guint8 payload, gpointer user_data);
* RTPSourceCallbacks:
* @push_rtp: a packet becomes available for handling
* @clock_rate: a clock-rate is requested
* @get_time: the current clock time is requested
* Callbacks performed by #RTPSource when actions need to be performed.
typedef struct {
RTPSourcePushRTP push_rtp;
RTPSourceClockRate clock_rate;
} RTPSourceCallbacks;
* RTPConflictingAddress:
* @address: #GSocketAddress which conflicted
* @last_conflict_time: time when the last conflict was seen
* This structure is used to account for addresses that have conflicted to find
* loops.
typedef struct {
GSocketAddress *address;
GstClockTime time;
} RTPConflictingAddress;
* RTPSource:
* A source in the #RTPSession
* @conflicting_addresses: GList of conflicting addresses
struct _RTPSource {
GObject object;
/*< private >*/
guint32 ssrc;
guint16 generation;
GHashTable *reported_in_sr_of; /* set of SSRCs */
guint probation;
guint curr_probation;
gboolean validated;
gboolean internal;
gboolean is_csrc;
gboolean is_sender;
gboolean closing;
GstStructure *sdes;
gboolean marked_bye;
gchar *bye_reason;
gboolean sent_bye;
GSocketAddress *rtp_from;
GSocketAddress *rtcp_from;
gint payload;
GstCaps *caps;
gint clock_rate;
gint32 seqnum_offset;
GstClockTime bye_time;
GstClockTime last_activity;
GstClockTime last_rtp_activity;
GstClockTime last_rtime;
GstClockTime last_rtptime;
/* for bitrate estimation */
guint64 bitrate;
GstClockTime prev_rtime;
guint64 bytes_sent;
guint64 bytes_received;
GQueue *packets;
RTPPacketRateCtx packet_rate_ctx;
guint32 max_dropout_time;
guint32 max_misorder_time;
RTPSourceCallbacks callbacks;
gpointer user_data;
RTPSourceStats stats;
RTPReceiverReport last_rr;
GList *conflicting_addresses;
GQueue *retained_feedback;
gboolean send_pli;
gboolean send_fir;
guint8 current_send_fir_seqnum;
gint last_fir_count;
GstClockTime last_keyframe_request;
gboolean send_nack;
GArray *nacks;
gboolean pt_set;
guint8 pt;
struct _RTPSourceClass {
GObjectClass parent_class;
GType rtp_source_get_type (void);
/* managing lifetime of sources */
RTPSource* rtp_source_new (guint32 ssrc);
void rtp_source_set_callbacks (RTPSource *src, RTPSourceCallbacks *cb, gpointer data);
/* properties */
guint32 rtp_source_get_ssrc (RTPSource *src);
void rtp_source_set_as_csrc (RTPSource *src);
gboolean rtp_source_is_as_csrc (RTPSource *src);
gboolean rtp_source_is_active (RTPSource *src);
gboolean rtp_source_is_validated (RTPSource *src);
gboolean rtp_source_is_sender (RTPSource *src);
void rtp_source_mark_bye (RTPSource *src, const gchar *reason);
gboolean rtp_source_is_marked_bye (RTPSource *src);
gchar * rtp_source_get_bye_reason (RTPSource *src);
void rtp_source_update_caps (RTPSource *src, GstCaps *caps);
/* SDES info */
const GstStructure *
rtp_source_get_sdes_struct (RTPSource * src);
gboolean rtp_source_set_sdes_struct (RTPSource * src, GstStructure *sdes);
/* handling network address */
void rtp_source_set_rtp_from (RTPSource *src, GSocketAddress *address);
void rtp_source_set_rtcp_from (RTPSource *src, GSocketAddress *address);
/* handling RTP */
GstFlowReturn rtp_source_process_rtp (RTPSource *src, RTPPacketInfo *pinfo);
GstFlowReturn rtp_source_send_rtp (RTPSource *src, RTPPacketInfo *pinfo);
/* RTCP messages */
void rtp_source_process_sr (RTPSource *src, GstClockTime time, guint64 ntptime,
guint32 rtptime, guint32 packet_count, guint32 octet_count);
void rtp_source_process_rb (RTPSource *src, guint64 ntpnstime, guint8 fractionlost,
gint32 packetslost, guint32 exthighestseq, guint32 jitter,
guint32 lsr, guint32 dlsr);
gboolean rtp_source_get_new_sr (RTPSource *src, guint64 ntpnstime, GstClockTime running_time,
guint64 *ntptime, guint32 *rtptime, guint32 *packet_count,
guint32 *octet_count);
gboolean rtp_source_get_new_rb (RTPSource *src, GstClockTime time, guint8 *fractionlost,
gint32 *packetslost, guint32 *exthighestseq, guint32 *jitter,
guint32 *lsr, guint32 *dlsr);
gboolean rtp_source_get_last_sr (RTPSource *src, GstClockTime *time, guint64 *ntptime,
guint32 *rtptime, guint32 *packet_count,
guint32 *octet_count);
gboolean rtp_source_get_last_rb (RTPSource *src, guint8 *fractionlost, gint32 *packetslost,
guint32 *exthighestseq, guint32 *jitter,
guint32 *lsr, guint32 *dlsr, guint32 *round_trip);
void rtp_source_reset (RTPSource * src);
gboolean rtp_source_find_conflicting_address (RTPSource * src,
GSocketAddress *address,
GstClockTime time);
void rtp_source_add_conflicting_address (RTPSource * src,
GSocketAddress *address,
GstClockTime time);
gboolean find_conflicting_address (GList * conflicting_address,
GSocketAddress * address,
GstClockTime time);
GList * add_conflicting_address (GList * conflicting_addresses,
GSocketAddress * address,
GstClockTime time);
GList * timeout_conflicting_addresses (GList * conflicting_addresses,
GstClockTime current_time);
void rtp_conflicting_address_free (RTPConflictingAddress * addr);
void rtp_source_timeout (RTPSource * src,
GstClockTime current_time,
GstClockTime feedback_retention_window);
void rtp_source_retain_rtcp_packet (RTPSource * src,
GstRTCPPacket *pkt,
GstClockTime running_time);
gboolean rtp_source_has_retained (RTPSource * src,
GCompareFunc func,
gconstpointer data);
void rtp_source_register_nack (RTPSource * src,
guint16 seqnum);
guint32 * rtp_source_get_nacks (RTPSource * src, guint *n_nacks);
void rtp_source_clear_nacks (RTPSource * src);
#endif /* __RTP_SOURCE_H__ */