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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# This is in its own file rather than inside
# because a) mixing the two is ugly and b) trying to
# make special characters such as \n go through all
# backends is a fool's errand.
import sys, os, shutil, subprocess
h_array = ['--fhead',
"#ifndef __GST_VIDEO_ENUM_TYPES_H__\n#define __GST_VIDEO_ENUM_TYPES_H__\n\n#include <glib-object.h>\n\nG_BEGIN_DECLS\n",
"\n/* enumerations from \"@filename@\" */\n",
"GType @enum_name@_get_type (void);\n#define GST_TYPE_@ENUMSHORT@ (@enum_name@_get_type())\n",
"G_END_DECLS\n\n#endif /* __GST_VIDEO_ENUM_TYPES_H__ */"
c_array = ['--fhead',
"#include \"video-enumtypes.h\"\n\n#include \"video.h\" \n#include \"video-format.h\" \n#include \"video-color.h\" \n#include \"video-info.h\" \n#include \"colorbalance.h\" \n#include \"navigation.h\" \n#include \"video-chroma.h\" \n#include \"video-tile.h\"",
"\n/* enumerations from \"@filename@\" */",
"GType\n@enum_name@_get_type (void)\n{\n static volatile gsize g_define_type_id__volatile = 0;\n if (g_once_init_enter (&g_define_type_id__volatile)) {\n static const G@Type@Value values[] = {",
" { @VALUENAME@, \"@VALUENAME@\", \"@valuenick@\" },",
" { 0, NULL, NULL }\n };\n GType g_define_type_id = g_@type@_register_static (\"@EnumName@\", values);\n g_once_init_leave (&g_define_type_id__volatile, g_define_type_id);\n }\n return g_define_type_id__volatile;\n}\n"
cmd = []
argn = 1
# Find the full command needed to run glib-mkenums
# On UNIX-like, this is just the full path to glib-mkenums
# On Windows, this is the full path to interpreter + full path to glib-mkenums
for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
argn += 1
if arg.endswith('glib-mkenums'):
ofilename = sys.argv[argn]
headers = sys.argv[argn + 1:]
if ofilename.endswith('.h'):
arg_array = h_array
arg_array = c_array
cmd_array = cmd + arg_array + headers
pc = subprocess.Popen(cmd_array, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
(stdo, _) = pc.communicate()
if pc.returncode != 0:
open(ofilename, 'wb').write(stdo)