Demote buggy FPS prints from g_print to GST_DEBUG.

These FPS prints are added by NXP and they're wildely inaccurate.
They're based off the sink runtime which is derived from the pipeline
clock. They don't take pipeline state change time into account so
short clips show fps way too low. If the pipeline is ever paused the
fps value is meaningless. Most hilariously, if one seeks to the
start of a clip and then stops playback over 1000 fps can be reported!
(effectively total showed frames divided by current playback position).

Worst, this is printed to stdout whether or not an application wants it.
This is annoying at best and prevents using gstreamer in an application
that needs to redirect stdout elsewhere at worst. Libraries should
never print to stdout like this.

Instead of reverting flawed code completely, redirect it into
GStreamers debugging facilities where it belongs.

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