qcacld-2.0: Fix active cmd timeout issue

prima to qcacld-2.0 propagation

There can be a possible race in updation of roam substate
between csrRoamWaitForKeyTimeOutHandler and upper layer
disconnect in csrRoamIssueDeauth. Race can be as follows.

Driver roam substate is eCSR_ROAM_SUBSTATE_WAIT_FOR_KEY by
the time csrRoamWaitForKeyTimeOutHandler is invoked. This
can allow check CSR_IS_WAIT_FOR_KEY to pass. If MC thread
gets preempted and if driver processes upper layer disconnect,
then driver changes roam substate to eCSR_ROAM_SUBSTATE_DEAUTH_REQ
in csrRoamIssueDeauth. When MC thread resumes processing of
csrRoamWaitForKeyTimeOutHandler, then driver changes roam
substate to eCSR_ROAM_SUBSTATE_NONE. This can result in
unhandling of eWNI_SME_DEAUTH_RSP as roam substate is not in
eCSR_ROAM_SUBSTATE_DEAUTH_REQ and can result in active command
timeout. Hence, update roam substate atomically in same context
if CSR_IS_WAIT_FOR_KEY passes in csrRoamWaitForKeyTimeOutHandler.

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