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* Copyright (c) 2017, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include <arch.h>
#include <asm_macros.S>
#include <bl_common.h>
#include <el3_common_macros.S>
.globl bl2_entrypoint
.globl bl2_vector_table
.globl bl2_el3_run_image
.globl bl2_run_next_image
func bl2_entrypoint
/* Save arguments x0-x3 from previous Boot loader */
mov x20, x0
mov x21, x1
mov x22, x2
mov x23, x3
el3_entrypoint_common \
_init_sctlr=1 \
_warm_boot_mailbox=!PROGRAMMABLE_RESET_ADDRESS \
_secondary_cold_boot=!COLD_BOOT_SINGLE_CPU \
_init_memory=1 \
_init_c_runtime=1 \
* Restore parameters of boot rom
mov x0, x20
mov x1, x21
mov x2, x22
mov x3, x23
bl bl2_el3_early_platform_setup
bl bl2_el3_plat_arch_setup
/* ---------------------------------------------
* Jump to main function.
* ---------------------------------------------
bl bl2_main
/* ---------------------------------------------
* Should never reach this point.
* ---------------------------------------------
no_ret plat_panic_handler
endfunc bl2_entrypoint
func bl2_run_next_image
mov x20,x0
* MMU needs to be disabled because both BL2 and BL31 execute
* in EL3, and therefore share the same address space.
* BL31 will initialize the address space according to its
* own requirement.
bl disable_mmu_icache_el3
tlbi alle3
bl bl2_el3_plat_prepare_exit
ldp x0, x1, [x20, #ENTRY_POINT_INFO_PC_OFFSET]
msr elr_el3, x0
msr spsr_el3, x1
ldp x6, x7, [x20, #(ENTRY_POINT_INFO_ARGS_OFFSET + 0x30)]
ldp x4, x5, [x20, #(ENTRY_POINT_INFO_ARGS_OFFSET + 0x20)]
ldp x2, x3, [x20, #(ENTRY_POINT_INFO_ARGS_OFFSET + 0x10)]
ldp x0, x1, [x20, #(ENTRY_POINT_INFO_ARGS_OFFSET + 0x0)]
endfunc bl2_run_next_image