imx8qxp: move M4 to OS part at last

With default configuration, M4 and A35 in one partition, M4 is loaded by ROM.
"err = sc_rm_move_all(ipc_handle, secure_part, os_part, true, true);"
M4 core will first be moved to non-secure OS part, then the resource used
by M4 will be moved to non-secure OS part later. But before the resource be
moved to non-secure OS part, M4 core is still running, so a non-secure M4
core access a secure resource will trigger error in M4 side.

First mark M4 core as non-movable, after all other resoures moved to OS
part, move M4 to OS part. No need to check whether M4 is created a new
partition by SCFW, if a partition already created, the call to mark
M4 as non-removable will fail, because it M4 is in its own partition.

Signed-off-by: Peng Fan <>
(cherry picked from commit 44e209cb87f078abc78839c5e138aae5122ddd78)
1 file changed