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//===-- aeabi_uldivmod.S - EABI uldivmod implementation -------------------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
// Source Licenses. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "../assembly.h"
// struct { uint64_t quot, uint64_t rem}
// __aeabi_uldivmod(uint64_t numerator, uint64_t denominator) {
// uint64_t rem, quot;
// quot = __udivmoddi4(numerator, denominator, &rem);
// return {quot, rem};
// }
#if defined(__MINGW32__)
#define __aeabi_uldivmod __rt_udiv64
.syntax unified
.p2align 2
push {r6, lr}
sub sp, sp, #16
add r6, sp, #8
str r6, [sp]
#if defined(__MINGW32__)
movs r6, r0
movs r0, r2
movs r2, r6
movs r6, r1
movs r1, r3
movs r3, r6
bl SYMBOL_NAME(__udivmoddi4)
ldr r2, [sp, #8]
ldr r3, [sp, #12]
add sp, sp, #16
pop {r6, pc}