plat: imx: Add sw workaround for the VPU&GPU reset

ERR050044: GPU/VPU power domain on/off stress test leads
to unexpected GPU interrupts and hang.

his is caused by no dedicated HW resets for GPU2D/3D.
There is one reset for whole GPUmix and GPU2D/3D has their
own SW reset signals. The SW reset cannot be asserted while
GPU2D/3D is in power off status. So if only GPU2D or GPU3D
has to be powered off and on, unknown status leads to the problem.

VPU has similiar issue. So we need to assert the SW reset before
power up the power domain.

Signed-off-by: Bai Ping <>
(cherry picked from commit b6e9e2d823b1ff5f4e83fa34541003df0e70e1c9)
1 file changed