img2simg: Initial import of the subtree

This imports just the sources needed for libsparse, img2simg and simg2img from
Android 7's platform/system/core/ subtree.

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  2. libsparse/

What is this?

This is an extracted copy of the source of the libsparse library in the Debian android-platform-system-core-7.0.0+r33 package, modified to only include the libsparse tools and the system/core/include subtree of the Android source tree.

Why did we make this fork?

We wanted to use img2simg/simg2img to manipulate images into sparse images and back, but didn't want to depend on the entirety of the system/core subtree of Android. Unfortunately, while the img2simg tools are available in Ubuntu Artful and later, our internal systems currently only support Ubuntu Trusty, so we were forced to build this tool from source.

As these tools are relatively minor in nature, it made sense to extract only the sources that are used to build these tools and place them here to be integrated with the rest of the build scripts.

Over time, this tool will be removed from the build entirely, and integrated properly into the prereqs.