Respond to appsink CONTEXT queries

On GStreamer 1.14 we get different GL context in the two tee branches
which is one reason why the inference branch sees solid black frames
(i.e. all zeroes). Since CONTEXT queries now aren't propagated from
one tee branch to others they never reach glimagesink so it can't
share its context. We thus respond with said context when the query
reaches the appsink, so that only one GL context is shared between
all GL elements. If multiple contexts are used there will be texture
id mismatch between the tee branches.

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Python API to run inference on image data coming from the camera.


python3 sdist python3 bdist python3 sdist_wheel

Debian pacakge

Install stdeb package by running apt-get install python3-stdeb or pip3 install stdeb. Then to generate debian folder run:

python3 --command-packages=stdeb.command debianize

To build debian pacakge run:

dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot -us -uc -tc