Disable QoS events in live camera pipeline.

Camera timestamp jitter varies widely from one random webcam to another,
if too high upstream elements such basetransforms will start dropping
buffers. This has been observed with a common 1080p Logitech camera,
and is likely to happen with other cameras too.

Disabling QoS avoids the drops and renders every frame, even the "late"
ones. Coral camera worked fine and continues to do so.

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Python API to run inference on image data coming from the camera.


python3 setup.py sdist python3 setup.py bdist python3 setup.py sdist_wheel

Debian pacakge

Install stdeb package by running apt-get install python3-stdeb or pip3 install stdeb. Then to generate debian folder run:

python3 setup.py --command-packages=stdeb.command debianize

To build debian pacakge run:

dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot -us -uc -tc