Mendel release notes

This is a non-exhaustive summary of changes included in each version of Mendel.

To check your Mendel version, run cat /etc/mendel_version.

For system image downloads, see

5.3 (eagle)

  • Updated preinstalled packages (python3-pycoral, libedgetpu1-std, python3-edgetpuvision) to grouper ML release
  • Fixed boot from SD cards
  • Fixed MDT compatibility with Python 3.9
  • Added backup apt sources

New Mendel 5.3 image is released for the Coral Dev Board and SoM (file version 20211117215217).

5.2 (eagle)

  • Updated Python packages to support PyCoral
  • Further support in uboot for 2 GB boards
  • Various kernel updates, including:
    • defconfig: Include USB FTDI driver
    • defconfig: Add micro k8s / k3s deps
    • apex: Add power control
    • m4: Add M4 device tree overlay
    • i2s: Enable I2S output on 40-pin header
    • rt5645: Add a sysfs-based override for hp-detect

Updated June 2021: We released a new Mendel 5.2 image for the Coral Dev Board and SoM (file version 20210518200035) that includes a critical patch for the NXP SoC. (Does not apply to the Dev Board Mini.)

5.0 (eagle)

  • Upgraded U-Boot bootloader to v2019.04
  • Upgraded Vivante GPU drivers
  • Added support for new 2 GB and 4 GB SoM configurations
  • Separated /home with a partition layout change, so the Home directory is now preserved across system flashes
  • Moved all Mendel packages to a more stable APT repository

4.0 (day)

  • First release based on Debian 10 (buster) (Note that our distribution does not include everything from Debian; for example, Mendel does not include desktop environments and applications, because our system is designed for embedded systems. Also, the new SecureBoot and AppArmor changes do not apply to Mendel)
  • Support for Python 3.7
  • Support for OpenCV and OpenCL
  • Support for device tree overlays
  • Upgraded GStreamer pipelines
  • Upgraded Linux Kernel (4.14)
  • Upgraded U-Boot bootloader (2017.03.3)

3.0 (chef)

  • First open source release
  • First release with the Mendel Development Tool (MDT)
  • Improved security for SSH authentication

2.0 (beaker)

  • Resolved Hynix/Micron memory timing stability
  • Support for USB-C connections in U-Boot
  • Support for Mac in script
  • Released edgetpu_demo for out-of-box Edge TPU demo

1.0 (alpha)

Our first Mendel release!