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  7. requirements.txt

This directory holds the source files required to build the Environmental Sensor Board reference with Sphinx.

Building it requires that you install Sphinx and other Python dependencies:

# We require Python3, so if that's not your default, first start a virtual environment:
python3 -m venv ~/.my_venvs/coraldocs
source ~/.my_venvs/coraldocs/bin/activate

# Navigate to the coral-cloud/python/ directory in your terminal for these commands...

# Install the doc build dependencies:
pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

# Build the docs for local viewing (in "read the docs" style):
sphinx-build -b html docs/ docs/_build/html -D html_theme="sphinx_rtd_theme" -D html_file_suffix=".html" -D html_link_suffix=".html"

# Build the docs for the coral website (with .md files)
sphinx-build -b html docs/ docs/_build/html

# Clean the output for a fresh build:
rm -rf docs/_build

The results are output in coral-cloud/python/docs/_build/html/.

For more information about the syntax in these RST files, see the reStructuredText documentation.