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List of the authors of code contained in busybox.
If you should be listed here, or the description of
what you have done needs more detail, or is incorect,
_please_ let me know.
Erik Andersen <>, <>
Tons of new stuff, major rewrite of most of the
core apps, tons of new apps as noted in header files.
Bruce Perens <>
Original author of BusyBox. His code is still in many apps.
John Beppu <>
du, head, tee
Brian Candler <>
Randolph Chung <>
fbset, ping, hostname, and mkfifo
Dave Cinege <>
more(v2), makedevs, dutmp, modularization, auto links file,
various fixes, Linux Router Project maintenance
John Lombardo <>
dirname, tr
Linus Torvalds <>
mkswap, fsck.minix, mkfs.minix
Charles P. Wright <>
gzip, mini-netcat(nc)
Enrique Zanardi <>
tarcat (since removed), loadkmap, various fixes, Debian maintenance
Karl M. Hegbloom <>
cp_mv.c, the test suite, various fixes to utility.c, &c.