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/* vi: set sw=4 ts=4: */
* Licensed under GPLv2, see file LICENSE in this source tree.
#define UDHCP_DHCPD_H 1
/* Defaults you may want to tweak */
/* Default max_lease_sec */
#define DEFAULT_LEASE_TIME (60*60*24 * 10)
/* Where to find the DHCP server configuration file */
#define DHCPD_CONF_FILE "/etc/udhcpd.conf"
struct static_lease;
struct server_data_t {
char *interface; /* interface to use */
//TODO: ifindex, server_nip, server_mac
// are obtained from interface name.
// Instead of querying them *once*, create update_server_network_data_cache()
// and call it before any usage of these fields.
// update_server_network_data_cache() must re-query data
// if more than N seconds have passed after last use.
int ifindex;
uint32_t server_nip;
uint16_t port;
uint8_t server_mac[6]; /* our MAC address (used only for ARP probing) */
struct option_set *options; /* list of DHCP options loaded from the config file */
/* start,end are in host order: we need to compare start <= ip <= end */
uint32_t start_ip; /* start address of leases, in host order */
uint32_t end_ip; /* end of leases, in host order */
uint32_t max_lease_sec; /* maximum lease time (host order) */
uint32_t min_lease_sec; /* minimum lease time a client can request */
uint32_t max_leases; /* maximum number of leases (including reserved addresses) */
uint32_t auto_time; /* how long should udhcpd wait before writing a config file.
* if this is zero, it will only write one on SIGUSR1 */
uint32_t decline_time; /* how long an address is reserved if a client returns a
* decline message */
uint32_t conflict_time; /* how long an arp conflict offender is leased for */
uint32_t offer_time; /* how long an offered address is reserved */
uint32_t siaddr_nip; /* "next server" bootp option */
char *lease_file;
char *pidfile;
char *notify_file; /* what to run whenever leases are written */
char *sname; /* bootp server name */
char *boot_file; /* bootp boot file option */
struct static_lease *static_leases; /* List of ip/mac pairs to assign static leases */
#define server_data (*(struct server_data_t*)bb_common_bufsiz1)
/* client_data sits in 2nd half of bb_common_bufsiz1 */
#define SERVER_PORT (server_data.port)
#define SERVER_PORT6 (server_data.port)
#define SERVER_PORT 67
#define SERVER_PORT6 547
typedef uint32_t leasetime_t;
typedef int32_t signed_leasetime_t;
struct dyn_lease {
/* Unix time when lease expires. Kept in memory in host order.
* When written to file, converted to network order
* and adjusted (current time subtracted) */
leasetime_t expires;
/* "nip": IP in network order */
uint32_t lease_nip;
/* We use lease_mac[6], since e.g. ARP probing uses
* only 6 first bytes anyway. We check received dhcp packets
* that their hlen == 6 and thus chaddr has only 6 significant bytes
* (dhcp packet has chaddr[16], not [6])
uint8_t lease_mac[6];
char hostname[20];
uint8_t pad[2];
/* total size is a multiply of 4 */