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/* Based on ipsvd utilities written by Gerrit Pape <>
* which are released into public domain by the author.
* Homepage:
* Copyright (C) 2007 Denys Vlasenko.
* Licensed under GPLv2, see file LICENSE in this source tree.
struct hcc {
char *ip;
int pid;
struct hcc* FAST_FUNC ipsvd_perhost_init(unsigned);
/* Returns number of already opened connects to this ips, including this one.
* ip should be a malloc'ed ptr.
* If return value is <= maxconn, ip is inserted into the table
* and pointer to table entry if stored in *hccpp
* (useful for storing pid later).
* Else ip is NOT inserted (you must take care of it - free() etc) */
unsigned FAST_FUNC ipsvd_perhost_add(struct hcc *cc, char *ip, unsigned maxconn, struct hcc **hccpp);
/* Finds and frees element with pid */
void FAST_FUNC ipsvd_perhost_remove(struct hcc *cc, int pid);
//unsigned ipsvd_perhost_setpid(int pid);
//void ipsvd_perhost_free(struct hcc *cc);