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/* vi: set sw=4 ts=4: */
* printenv implementation for busybox
* Copyright (C) 2005 by Erik Andersen <>
* Copyright (C) 2005 by Mike Frysinger <>
* Licensed under GPLv2 or later, see file LICENSE in this source tree.
//config:config PRINTENV
//config: bool "printenv (1.3 kb)"
//config: default y
//config: help
//config: printenv is used to print all or part of environment.
//applet:IF_PRINTENV(APPLET_NOFORK(printenv, printenv, BB_DIR_BIN, BB_SUID_DROP, printenv))
//kbuild:lib-$(CONFIG_PRINTENV) += printenv.o
//usage:#define printenv_trivial_usage
//usage: "[VARIABLE]..."
//usage:#define printenv_full_usage "\n\n"
//usage: "Print environment VARIABLEs.\n"
//usage: "If no VARIABLE specified, print all."
#include "libbb.h"
/* This is a NOFORK applet. Be very careful! */
int printenv_main(int argc, char **argv) MAIN_EXTERNALLY_VISIBLE;
int printenv_main(int argc UNUSED_PARAM, char **argv)
int exit_code = EXIT_SUCCESS;
/* no variables specified, show whole env */
if (!argv[1]) {
char **e = environ;
/* environ can be NULL! (for example, after clearenv())
* Check for that:
if (e)
while (*e)
} else {
/* search for specified variables and print them out if found */
char *arg, *env;
while ((arg = *++argv) != NULL) {
env = getenv(arg);
if (env)
exit_code = EXIT_FAILURE;