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Raspberry Pi system image tools

This repository contains scripts to set up a Raspberry Pi OS image that's configured with library requirements for the Coral USB Accelerator.

There are actually two paths you can take:

  • Use the make targets in Makefile to build a new Raspberry Pi OS image and flash your SD card.
  • Run the setup.sh script on an existing Raspberry Pi image to add the Coral libraries.

Build the SD card image

Note: If you're on macOS, be sure you install coreutils (either brew install coreutils or sudo port install coreutils).

To build an SD card image inside the docker container on Linux or Mac:

make docker-release

To build an SD card image directly on Linux:

make release

The image is saved in the out directory.

Update an existing Raspberry Pi image

Run this in the terminal on your Raspberry Pi:

bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/google-coral/aiy-coralkit-tools/main/setup.sh)

The unusual command format is necessary so the script can accept user input.